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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioning Servicing in Calgary and Chestermere

We feature planned heating and air conditioning maintenance because your business can’t afford to stop when you experience heating or air conditioning problems. Of course most issues come unexpectedly and at the worst time.

We can help reduce the risk of breakdown with regular or annual service inspections of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A maintenance agreement will allow your HVAC equipment to run at peak efficiency, reduce costs and increase the life of equipment. We can help diagnose small problems before they become critical giving you peace of mind.

When things do go wrong we provide fast response and expert repair, meeting or beating the manufacturers recommendations. With regular maintenance our technicians become very familiarized with your HVAC system allowing for faster identification of problems needing replacement or repair.

With a maintenance agreement you receive preferential priority service and discounts with multi-year agreements.


HVAC Maintenance Benefits

  • Reduce opportunity for heating or cooling system failure
  • Diagnose small issues to prevent future breakdown or repair
  • Prolongs the life of HVAC equipment and system reducing capital expenditure for replacement
  • Higher heating and cooling efficiency to reduce operating cost
  • Better indoor air quality of air circulation

HVAC Maintenance Inspections

We do a complete inspection analysis of commercial HVAC systems including:

  • Filters are inspected and cleaned or replaced as necessary
  • Belts are inspected for tension, lubricated or replaced if worn
  • Motors, blades and bearings examined and lubricated
  • Wiring and connections inspected
  • Safety controls tested
  • Review and confirm operating pressure
  • Burner assembly is inspected, adjusted and cleaned when required
  • Ignition is cleaned
  • Heat exchanger and blower are assessed
  • Evaporator coils, drip pans, and condensate lines are cleaned and cleared
  • Inspection for leaks or condensation
  • Cabinet and coil are cleaned
  • Flue ventilation and ducts are inspected
  • Refrigerant level is measured and recharged when required
  • Control box, switches and all connections inspected
  • Complete system performance is evaluated